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Our reviews say it all, but come in and taste for yourself!!!


" This was positively the most delicious pizza I have eaten in Florida and as good as the best in the windy city! "

" As we exited and saw the courthouse across the street, we left absolutely convinced that Pusateri's really is the best pizza in town. Case closed. "


This was positively the most delicious pizza I have eaten in Florida and as good as the best in the windy city! As we exited and saw the courthouse across the street, we left absolutely convinced that Pusateri's really is the best pizza in town. Case closed.


Florida's best pizza?

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Florida's Best Pizza - Stuart News

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By Kathy Rendino
November 3, 2006 04:57 AM |
Im from Chicago. I was in Florida this summer and tried Pusateri's in Stuart. It was better than most Chicago pizzas! I wish they had mail order! Try it..Forget New York! Pam & John make the difference too. Friendly, Clean and excellent pizza. This could win an award!!

By Nancy
October 27, 2006 08:07 PM |
I have been in FL for over 30 years - coming here from Chicago. Never, once, had a "good" pizza until I discovered Pusateri's Chicago Pizza in Stuart across from the courthouse. Eveything is authentic Chicago. Address: 221 SE Ocean Blvd 772-288-9810. You'll think you died & went to heaven!!!!!! Try it you won't be sorry!!!.


You have found the BEST Chicago Eatery in ALL of Florida!!!

Pusateri's Chicago Pizza
221 S.E. Ocean Blvd.
Stuart, FL 34994
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2007 and 2008 WINNERS!!! Pusateri's Chicago Pizza has WON FIRST PLACE by YOU the public as the Palm Beaches' and Treasure Coast's Best Pizza for two consecutive years.
Thank You to WPBF-TV 25 and all of our loyal customers for making Pusateri's #1 - The Pusateri's

By: bbqueu
Nothing else comes close! It's the best.


"My first visit I asked for several ingredients, plus very crisp crust, not a lot of sauce and light cheese - it was perfect. They have given the pizza my name and whenever I go in they know exactly what I want. It is always delicious - I wouldn't eat pizza anywhere else."

"I worked in a pizza place for 2 years and grew to dislike pizza. Pusateri's is the only pizza I enjoy eating!"
Renata Spadafora
"John and I lived one block away from each other in the Chicago area. I drive all the way from Wellington to Stuart to have "real" pizza. There is NO pizza in Florida that can even come close to Pusateri's. "
Lauren the Pusateri's Server
"Pusateri's = best pizza, best people, best service...hands down! :-D"
Teresa Schriver
"Awesome pizza and THE BEST beef sandwiches anywhere!"
Jean Sanders
"Excellent ingredients, great crust, charming people."
"I am a very picky pizza eater and this is the only pizza I will eat, it's fantastic..."
Shirley Robertson
"I am originally from Chicago and LOVE Pusateri's thin crust Chicago style pizza!"
"Thank GOD there is a place in Florida just like Chicago. I had pizza that was out of this world. Reminded me of growing up in Chicago.Thanks for bring home back to me."
Gary Henthorn
"Pusateri's thin crust pizza is the best I've had since leaving southern Wisconsin five weeks ago! In fact, not one other pizza that I've tried during that time comes close to matching what I would expect! And, the price was less than expected! "
"best pizza and can't wait for new locations with deep dish"
Michael Koester
"The whole restaurant feels like home. From the pizza to the sports posters. From the hot dogs to the attitude. Sure brings home down to Florida. Love it."
"Fantastic! Just like home (Chicago)."
Charles Couch
"We love the thin , crisp crust. The design of the pans keep the crust nice and crisp while you are eating."
Gordon Tai
"I am from Chicago and visited them while on vacation. Great Chicago style pizza. Fresh ingredients and a perfect blend of cheese and sauce."
Mari Waters
"Best thin crust and fantastic sausage that cannot be found elsewhere in my area of Fl."
"My son-in-law's family from Chicago was ecstatic when I told them about this pizza! It's the best! Cute outdoor patio, also."
Litasha Marie Davis
"The best pizza that ever existed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Quick and pleasant service! Consistent taste of the pizza!"
Allen Como
"Their thin crust sausage pizza is the best."
Peggy Sue Davis
"Great tasting pizza - we won't go anywhere else!!!"
"The best place for pizza we've found in south Florida...and maybe in all of Florida!"
"Reminds me of my single days living in Chicago"
Megan Perkins
"My family has been going to Pusateri's Chicago Pizza since it opened and we have sworn off all other pizza since! Coming from Chicago to Florida was a big adjustment, not to mention we couldn't get a good pizza to save our lives! Pusateri's staff made us feel welcome the first time we sat down and the pizza is always like a slice of home! "
LJ Baldwin
"Their pizza is OUTSTANDING!!! "
"I grew up in Chicago and now have lived in Florida for 28 yrs and I have finally found pizza like the pizza I grew up with for 20+ years. They are by far the best pizza in Florida!"
Paulette Madsen
"I'm from the south side of Chicago and have never found pizza that reminded me of home or was as good as Chicago Pizza until Pusateri's. Their Chicago pizza, hot dogs and beef sandwiches are authentic because the ingredients are shipped from Chicago. Thanks Pusateri's your pizza is the best."
John Wayne
"Best Pizza in Florida .....period !!"
Anne Dorow
"This is real Chicago pizza! Best service and food in Florida. You cant beat it."
"Best pizza in Florida!!!"
Johnny D
"I grew up in Chicago and this is the Real Deal !!!! Fantastic place and food.....neighborhood all the way."
"Try it, you'll like it!"
Lisa Berry
"Not only is the pizza the best in Martin, St. Lucie or Palm Beach counties, the atmosphere and their staff are awesome. It gives you the warmth of that hometown feeling. There are a group of six of us that whenever we go out for pizza it's definitely at Pusateri's. "
"Best Pizza I ever had ! never had it this good in Chicago "
"We drive 1200 miles to visit family and eat at Pusateri's! Always a stop when in Stuart."
Amado Li
"Not what most people expect, when they hear Chicago pizza. It's actually thin crust and it's hands down the BEST!!"
"Best taste, best crunch, best balance of toppings. Best pizza period!"
"I was just in downtown Chicago and had thin crust pizza at a famous restaurant. Pusateri's was MUCH BETTER! The best pizza I've had!"
"Absolutely THE BEST Pizza!!! Bar none!!"
"Not only was the pizza top notch but the experience was fun!"
"The best pizza ever, really good!!!!"
Terry Ryan
"mmm pizza."
Jill Ryan
"Best pizza ever!"
Marisa Foxwell;
"Their Pizza is THE BEST! and the Owners are wonderful people. They sponsored our Baseball Team - GO JENSEN BEACH YANKEES!"
Rissa Oprysk
"Pizza is great, service excellent and the staff very friendly. It's my lunch bunch haven on every Friday's."
David Shinnebarger
"They say it's from Chicago - but even if it was from Warsaw, it is the absolute best Pizza on the Treasure Coast. Unfortunately, we dine at or from Pusateri's 2 to 3 times a week, and their fudge brownies are killing me!!! They are wonderful people and know us by name!!"
Kim Smith
"Not like the other pizza places. Food and atmosphere are great. "
"Heard about your pizza all the way in Texas"
Mary Ann Tompkins
"Thin crust and good tomato sauce"
Janyce Wilson
"I'm from Chicago and they have authentic Chicago style"
Amy Shortz
"Awesome Pizza Way to go Pam and John!!!!"
"Thinking of their pizza makes my mouth water!!!"
Ryan Cullinan
"You have the best restaurant, My best wishes go out to you."
Harry Richmond
"The Italian Beef sandwiches are excellent and truly authentic. The pizza is truly slices of heaven from Chicago!!"
Jerry Downing
"Great pizza & great people"
"Da Best Pizza in the neighborhood...in the whole damn state for that matter"
Kathy Rendino
"Heard about this pizza while on vacation in West Palm Beach. I live inChicago, so I had to see if they really pulled it off. Guess what - its better than ours!! I wish they had mail order! Great Pizza, Pam & John are tops. A winning "Combo"!!!!"
"Best Pizza around!!! The TEAM of people at Pusateri's Pizza are always friendly and provide TOP NOTCH SERVICE to customers. "
Patricia Ryan
"Yum yum."
judy howard
"best pizza ever!! its the real Chicago pizza and it's definitely closer!"
Joann DeRaffaele
"The pizza is the best there is. Take it from a Sicilian Woman! "
Mark Gelinas
"If they ever close down I would eat the building because it is sure to taste like their pizza!"
Katie Harris
"They are the best!"
Frank Murphy
"Taste says it all! AND add the service factor, and you have numero uno!"
dan morgan
"Pam and John put out a great effort and painstaking research to bring to fla. the utmost best in Chicago style pizza and sandwiches they deserve all the kudos and awards due to them"
"I have tried all the pizzas on this list and our entire office eats at Pusateri's and we drive pretty far. It's got the best taste for sure."
josh johnson
"this pizza is the best i have ever tasted and i live in chicago"
Richard Ambrogi
"Hands down the Best Pizza in the country."
Tamarah and Rick
"It's all about REAL CHICAGO PIZZA. Delicious family recipe sauce and incredible sausage sits on a perfectly thin, crispy crust...just the way this Chicagoan likes it. Look no further for those tough to find Italian Beef Sandwiches served with homemade giardiniera and can't forget about a perfect Vienna Beef Hotdog. Enjoy all that in a charming cafe, add fantastic owners Pam and John....what more can someone ask for? : )"
"Pusateri's Pizza is the BEST pizza around. They have a great TEAM of people that are always friendly and working hard to serve their customers. BEST IN CLASS!!! "
"The best pizza in our area!"
Angela Romito
"Great, we all love it!"
"Awesome Pizza. Nothing like it in Florida."
"Outstanding, Superior, Excellent, Fantastic Pizza. I could go on."
"It's about time Pusateri's gets some kudos like winning this pizza title. They have been around for a little over 2 years and have made a huge impact on FLA with simply the best pizza I have ever eaten. Congrats. This is a done deal in my book and looking at all the comments here, they should just call this category over right now."
"Pusateri's is the best pizza on the planet. Gets better everytime!!!"
"excellent crust, savory sauce, tasty toppings...how they do it I dont know. As long as I can get it once a week I'll be good. The Chicago Fire is THE BEST!!!"
"Pusateri's is the best in the State when it come to Pizza and Chicago style food. They make every pizza by hand everyday and consistent quailty. Thanks for all your hard work keep up the good job. PUSATERI'S BEST IN THE STATE!"
Ken Regis
"Great Service & you would swear that you are back in Chi-town when eating their pizza!"
"the sauce & the sausage -- by far better than anything I've had in Florida for the past 27 years!"
"great pizza!!!"
Susan Yaccino
"This pizza is the best I have ever eaten."
Beth Forbes
"Great service! Friendly servers! The pizza was fresh, hot, and so delicious. "
mike johnson
"Best pizza period!!!!"
"I'm from Chicago and pizza is my favorite food so I think I have a good idea of what pizza should be like. This is, by far, one of the best pizza places I have ever eaten at, definitely in Florida, and in Chicago too!!! "
"The best pizza and the italian beef with cheese is unbeatable"
"The best Chicago style pizza outside of Chicago"
"OMG! This pizza and everything else on the menu is unbeatable! John and Pam are great hosts! I wish they would ship frozen pizzas to our state! Love the Pusateris', Michael and Mary"
"Everything is unique; the crust and sauce is home made, all ingredients are shipped in from Chicago. I live in Chicago and we don't have pizza as good as Pusateris... I wish they would come back to Chicago. Sincerely, the Craddocks."
"Pusateri's pizza is really the only authentic Chicago Style Pizza in South Florida!"
Pam Simak
"We haven't found anywhere that has REAL Chicago pizza anywhere in Florida. Crispy crust, thin, cut in squares, beef sandwiches, etc. It's all there and we are hooked. The owners are very nice, place is clean. Can't say enough, we're hooked."
louise pusateri
"Pusateri's pizza is not only the best in Florida, it outshines all others even in Chicago"
"Good Pizza!!"
Cheryl Melka
"Pusateri's has the best pizza in Florida. Nice comfortable family atmosphere. I met my fiancee there :-) "
"It's a family run pizza joint with a recipe and taste like no other."
Ray Rossi
"A former Chicagoan, I drive across the state from Tampa to get the Best Chicago pizza in the State."

Tom Gensel
"Best Pizza in Town....The staff & service is equally "TOPS" Keep up the Great Job....Don't let Florida's heat get you down :-)"

Real Chicago pizza

Does anyone know where to get a real Chicago pizza in the Broward/ South Palm Beach area? I am talking about the original thin crust pizza that is cut in squares. Traditionally the sauce is slightly sweet and the sausage is a bit spicy. Even the 1960's invention of the deep dish pizza might do.
The Flicker lite on the Hollywood beach used to do an OK job about a decade ago, and Villa Rose on 441 in Hollywood is good, but not exact. There are handful of good Chicago hot dog and beef places so there has to be a real Chicago pizza place in South Fla.



Pusateri's in Stuart is probably the best you are going to find .. Chicago style thin crust, Chicago hot dogs etc...across from the courthouse & they have funny hours. I believe they are closed on Mon & Tues & shut down by 830 or 9 other nights! If you call ahead they will make whatever pies for you frozen to take & bake. We drive 45 min to get there.... website is bestfloridapizza.com

by charliejen3 on Oct 17, 2009 12:27PM


besides unos in north florida( not like downtown chi towns ) ive searched wide and far the only authentic thin chicago pizza in florida is pusateri's in stuart across from the courthouse on ocean, there is a place in hollywood called villa rose on 441 south of taft street that makes chicago thin thats awesome, they just dont know there making chicago thin pizza lol

By seminole phil on Oct 04, 2009 01:03PM


For more information please Call 772.288.9810 or Email us: info@BestFloridaPizza.com


(DAD) Samuel August Pusateri - 1/23/1933 to 7/13/1983
"Gramps" Samuel Pusateri - 10/25/1904 to 4/8/1985
"Grams" Josephine Pusateri - 3/15/1915 to 1/4/1990
Richard Simak - 3/22/30 to 3/30/01